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I Love to Light It Up!

By Samantha Strong | Jan 21, 2021

Long ago and far away(in the 1980’s and Denver), I sold lamps. I could blame my fixation with lighting on…

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Ready to Get Knee Deep in the Hoopla?

By Samantha Strong | Jan 14, 2021

2021 Ashley for the Arts kicks off with JEFFERSON STARSHIP on the main stage on Friday, August 13th! Jefferson Starship…

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Oh those Bridgertons!

By Samantha Strong | Jan 12, 2021

I come from a family of “thrifters”. I grew up in the same town that my mom, my grand parents…

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That ’60’s Style!

By Samantha Strong | Jan 7, 2021

Although I lived in that decade, I was too young to wear the cool styles. My older cousin Laurie had…

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A Good Start to 2021

By Samantha Strong | Jan 4, 2021

It used to be my husband would cook a multi-course dinner for a boisterous party of friends for New Years.…

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Things I wish for in 2021

By Samantha Strong | Dec 22, 2020

I’m glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. I am lucky compared to many, and I know it. We…

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Cheer Up! It can Help You Live Longer!

By Samantha Strong | Dec 18, 2020

It’s sounds like a no-brainer… but YES! Happiness and positivity can lead to a longer life!

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Operation Poinsettia

By Samantha Strong | Dec 15, 2020

For many a poinsettia really makes it seem like the holidays. Mom always had several around the house at Christmas,…

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I Love Old Stuff

By Samantha Strong | Dec 11, 2020

I admit it, I love Antiques Roadshow. And I have discovered a new show to love, thanks to Ken Cooper(afternoons…

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