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Do old dolls give you the creeps?

By Samantha Strong | Oct 26, 2020

These dolls were sent home with me from Mom’s stuff, since I had 2 young daughters. Both my girls thought…

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So now Chores are Sexy!

By Samantha Strong | Oct 22, 2020

Since we are spending more time at home, and perhaps messing it up more, a survey has found more than…

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Fame doesn’t mean you get to skip the hard stuff.

By Samantha Strong | Oct 14, 2020

“He is actually doing really great. Everybody is up against their own demons,”Kristen Bell said about her husband. “Sometimes it’s…

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Fall Drives!

By Samantha Strong | Oct 5, 2020

So, I learned decades ago that when my husband says lets go to XYZ, he doesn’t mean there and back…

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I’m Learning How to be an Empty Nester!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 25, 2020

I still have alot to learn about empty-nesting! I wasn’t sure 2020 would be the year our youngest would be…

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CDC has Halloween 2020 Ideas!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 23, 2020

My youngest was born the day before Halloween, so it’s been a favorite holiday of ours for awhile. All her…

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Bart as a Bobblehead!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 18, 2020

Just in time for holiday gifting the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum has four officially licensed, special edition…

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Back to the Drive-in!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 16, 2020

My youngest had a bucket list of “before college” things to do this summer, and one of them was a…

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Virtual Has Become Our Reality, For Sure!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 1, 2020

This time of year signals the beginning of school, all the fall festivals, and Steppin’ Out In Pink, and they…

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