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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


What 2 Watch – Spit it Out !

By Keith Carr | Sep 28, 2021

Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t do starch in his very anal diet. Unless your name is “avacado ice…

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Fatty Fish

By Keith Carr | Sep 27, 2021

is not to be snarky to judge their appearance. That’s their choice. But we as humans (most of us who…

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Family Fun Around River City!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 24, 2021

Head to Warrens! It’s the World’s Largest Cranberry Festival! Over a thousand arts & crafts/flea/antique/farm market booths, cranberry harvest tours…

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Ever Been in a City

By Keith Carr | Sep 23, 2021

of about 105K + people… with a high level college football game going on in the middle of it ?…

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Fun in Chaseburg for a Good Cause!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 22, 2021

For 16 years there have Sole Burners in Chaseburg! We had a chance to talk to Linda DeGarmo about Saturday’s…

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By Keith Carr | Sep 22, 2021

clever critters that have us figured out. In some ways, at least. Our house features an animal (mini German Shepard/Corgi…

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What 2 Watch – Easily

By Keith Carr | Sep 21, 2021

a top big screen howler of all time. Living in western Colorado for the first radio job in 1980 was…

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What You Wear

By Keith Carr | Sep 20, 2021

Can wear on you. As simple and basic as what’s on your feet. Between the three of us in our…

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Lots of Fun for the Family Around River City this weekend!

By Samantha Strong | Sep 17, 2021

LaCresent has Applefest! LaCrosse Has Banjo Fest! Mary, Mother of the Church has a Fall Rummage Sale on Friday and…

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