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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


Drum Drum Drum

By Keith Carr | May 11, 2021

For some reason we’re blessed to know several drummers: Kelly Wilde, Dave Solie, Terry Nirva, Todd Springer, Dan Swift, the…

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Anything Buggin’ You ?

By Keith Carr | May 10, 2021

Fighting lice infestation can be one of life’s bigger challenges. Six to seven decades ago the methods to rid the…

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River Clean-up La Crosse!

By Samantha Strong | May 7, 2021

I grew up along the Rock River. And back in the day I was a Rock River Rat. We grabbed…

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Family Fun Around River City!

By Samantha Strong | May 7, 2021

Start out right! Take Mom to Big Al’s Patio Friday night. Nightcap is playing your (and her) favorites from 5:00…

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Underwater Exploration of The War Eagle

By Samantha Strong | May 6, 2021

Submerged near the north end of Riverside Park lie the remains of the sidewheel steamboat War Eagle. Just over 150…

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Not Exactly Nurse Ratchet

By Keith Carr | May 6, 2021

You probably recall the head (no pun) psychiatric nurse in multi-Oscar winner mid 70’s movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s…

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“Without Remorse” – Big Screen Eye Candy

By Keith Carr | May 5, 2021

Novelist Tom Clancy left us several years ago, and in his wake (no pun) one of his works has made…

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Tribute to Teachers : Should be EVERY Day, No ?

By Keith Carr | May 4, 2021

It’s National Teachers Day, a special chance to thank and honor the people with enormous influence and impact on our…

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Who Gives a !@#%! What Other Think!?

By Keith Carr | May 3, 2021

Apparently lots of folks do, and to their detriment according to some psychologists. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and…

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