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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


Flippin’ the Birds

By Keith Carr | Oct 27, 2021

Majestic, elegant, violent. Sounds like an NFL game, doesn’t it ? Having never been to east Texas, cannot attest to…

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What 2 Watch – Mr. Keaton

By Keith Carr | Oct 26, 2021

To the stage, please. The script might not always be top notch, but Keaton’s work is terrifically potent. Family fave…

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A Little Starch

By Keith Carr | Oct 25, 2021

wth that ? It’s estimated more than two-thirds of the globe’s population enjoys this carb loading every day. It’s a…

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A Great Time of Year for Family Fun!

By Samantha Strong | Oct 22, 2021

Around River City always has a ton of things to do! Today it’s Not So Scary trick or treating at…

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Have a Seat

By Keith Carr | Oct 21, 2021

The art of upholstery and the covid demand…after the runs on used cars and secondhand clothing, perhaps it IS used furniture’s…

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Oddball Animals

By Keith Carr | Oct 20, 2021

to see when ya can. The Animal Kingdom is pretty creative when it wants to be. Which, is kinda always.…

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Wanna Dance Like A Zombie?

By Samantha Strong | Oct 19, 2021

Sunday around 6pm join in the “Thriller” public dance performance. We had a chance to talk woth organizer Meagen Waddell:…

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What 2 Watch – Taking Cool

By Keith Carr | Oct 19, 2021

to a new level. Idris Elba is more than familiar with his special orbit. Hard to believe this gentleman is…

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Debate Rages

By Keith Carr | Oct 18, 2021

over running. But which way ? Poor joints have taken both options out of personal “workouts”. As they say, “That…

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