I Love Old Stuff

I admit it, I love Antiques Roadshow. And I have discovered a new show to love, thanks to Ken Cooper(afternoons here on Classic Hits 94.7). The Repair Shop, originally on BBC One and now on Netflix. They repair cherished things, not necessarily valuable, but sentimental items. (the people who bring in stuffed animals always cry when they see them fixed up)

I think it I probably enjoy these shows because I grew up surrounded by old stuff. My mom’s family had lived in the same town for generations. When someone got new furniture, their old stuff got handed down, usually to the young ones just moving out on their own. Or, perhaps, because of my children’s books like The Fix-it Man.

After my grandparents passed, I inherited my grandfathers tv watching chair. It was in their sun-room where their TV was, and I remember going over on the weekends and watching Laurence Welk with them, while mom made supper. It had a cane seat that was saggy when I got it and finally broke completely. That’s when my husband managed to give me the best gift. Dan smuggled it out of the house without me knowing (we had but it in the attic after the seat gave way), and he found someone to re-cane it as a surprise!

Best Gift, Ever

Repairing things takes skill and work, but I think it’s worth it!