Take a Peep!

After a lost year, Peeps are back! The beloved (or hated) Easter treat even has a house for you to build. The Cookie Coop Kit.

My relationship with Peeps started with Tamara Jean, my college room mate. After Spring Break we would have to hit every Peep-selling place to scoop up the discounted yellow candies. She would carefully poke holes in one 6 Peep package. After a day or so they would be stale enough for her palate. Then the next package would get the pin prick treatment.

Since Freshman year, I have been getting a package of Peeps. I don’t do the stale thing. But I do smile every time I see them and think of Tamara Jean. She has been gone for well over a decade, and never met my kids. Still, it is our tradition to all raise a Peep to her every Spring!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay