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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


Truck or Car?

By Samantha Strong | May 6, 2020

For the first time in history more buyers purchased trucks than passenger cars in the U.S., and most of them…

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Long Distance High Tech Gifts For Mom on Mother’s Day!

By Samantha Strong | May 5, 2020

According to and article in MarketWatch, the National Retail Federation surveyed 8,300 adults between April 1 and 6 and they…

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Just What We Didn’t Need: Giant Hornets!

By Samantha Strong | May 4, 2020

The Asian Giant Hornet, also known as the murder hornet, that can kill a human just by stinging a couple…

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Meteors, Comets and Chunks of the Moon!

By Samantha Strong | May 1, 2020

Monday night and Tuesday morning (May 4 & 5) you can see the Eta Aquarids they are only major meteor…

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Even Tulips can Stay Strong!

By Samantha Strong | Apr 29, 2020

A tulip grower in the Netherlands has named a new variant of tulip—a mix of red and yellow tulips—”stay strong”…

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She is still a Mystery!

By Samantha Strong | Apr 28, 2020

After high tech scanning, we know her scarf was done with paint that would have cost Vermeer more than gold…

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The Most Dangerous Place in Earth’s History?(hint: not here and now)

By Samantha Strong | Apr 27, 2020

100 million years ago the Sahara was the most dangerous place on Earth. Researchers from the Universities of Detroit, Chicago,…

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Got Middle and High Schoolers at Home These Days?

By Samantha Strong | Apr 24, 2020

University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers and Field Day Lab game designers have developed educational — but, most importantly, fun — games…

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I Just Had To:

By Samantha Strong | Apr 23, 2020

Cut my bangs. I couldn’t stand it any more! Of course I’m not the only one… Wahl, the folks who…

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