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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


Whether or Not

By Keith Carr | Nov 11, 2021

you remember the fierce weather the upper Midwest had 81 years ago today family stories have been handed down over…

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animals ! – Oddball Critters

By Keith Carr | Nov 10, 2021

Wait, aren’t they as weird as their “owners” ? When you think about it, who ‘owns’ whom ? Wife Sandy…

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what 2 watch – Most Underrated

By Keith Carr | Nov 9, 2021

and maybe one of the most under appreciated actors/foodies. Stanley Tucci can be considered a marvelous mixture of talent, and…

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Keeping You in the Dark

By Keith Carr | Nov 8, 2021

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. Rhythm of the night is more than just a song title, apparently. Personally,…

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Family Fun Around River City!

By Samantha Strong | Nov 5, 2021

Like Trivia? La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Trivia Fundraiser is Saturday! The Concordia Ballroom is the place. Doors Open…

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“Let It Snow Let It Snow

By Keith Carr | Nov 4, 2021

Let It Snow.“ Jeeze, Louise was THAT an ASS – KICK. Drifts up to the top of our front door…

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Think About Joining All Of Us!

By Samantha Strong | Nov 3, 2021

All of Us is a research program from the National Institutes of Health. The mission: to speed up health research breakthroughs.…

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On Mt Rushmore

By Keith Carr | Nov 3, 2021

of stand up comedians, for sure. There was a steady diet of Mort Sahl on 1960’s television. Cutting edge ?…

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iFeed Annual Food Drive Time!

By Samantha Strong | Nov 2, 2021

iFeed is an event that works to alleviate hunger in the world and in our own communities. It is this…

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