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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


The Past Year Hard on Baseball Hall of Famers

By Keith Carr | Jan 13, 2021

Now that we’re a mere 5 weeks away from the start of spring training in Florida and Arizona, a tribute…

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Oh those Bridgertons!

By Samantha Strong | Jan 12, 2021

I come from a family of “thrifters”. I grew up in the same town that my mom, my grand parents…

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Don’t Belong to a Gym ? No Sweat

By Keith Carr | Jan 11, 2021

Will you be returning to your gym after the pandemic or do you prefer working out at home?

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Dessert is about to get fancier – Viennetta is coming back!

By Tracy Ballzer | Jan 10, 2021

Remember the ice cream cake that danced its way out on special occasions? Birthdays, Christmas, Badger Games… Viennetta made you…

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TV Laughs at the Top

By Keith Carr | Jan 8, 2021

We all have TV sitcom favorites going back as far as the 50’s (black and white somehow looks funnier), 60’s…

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That ’60’s Style!

By Samantha Strong | Jan 7, 2021

Although I lived in that decade, I was too young to wear the cool styles. My older cousin Laurie had…

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Listening to music really does help.

By Samantha Strong | Jan 7, 2021

Music may not be a cure… but it sure helps with pain, healing, and recovery time. OK maybe it IS a cure!

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Rushin’ to the Helium

By Keith Carr | Jan 6, 2021

Are the Russians looking to corner the global market on HELIUM, the lighter-than-air gas ? Judging from building a huge…

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A Good Start to 2021

By Samantha Strong | Jan 4, 2021

It used to be my husband would cook a multi-course dinner for a boisterous party of friends for New Years.…

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