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From Saxon Hall in Brownsville, MN


JLo Bikini Challenge

By Jen O'Brien | Feb 25, 2020

We’re all for body positivity! 50 year old JLo sparked an internet challenge with this bikini selfie. Now women everywhere…

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Can’t Wait to See This

By Samantha Strong | Feb 5, 2020

A look at the legendary Chuck Berry with clips of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Linda Ronstadt and more!

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Summer Concerts

By Samantha Strong | Feb 4, 2020

This summer, if you want Whitesnake, you could see them with the Scorpions, or with Foreigner and Europe, or with…

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By Samantha Strong | Jan 29, 2020

I have had them around ever since my cousin Mike brought by a stray Siberian Husky when I was 3.…

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Best Game Day Eats!

By admin | Jan 16, 2020

Even if you’re more likely to call Eat Street for delivery, you can whip up a party pleasing Taco Dip…

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By Samantha Strong | Dec 17, 2019

Traffic circles, Rotary, Road Circle; what ever you call them, we have alot around here now! I use them everyday…

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Still in love with this song

By Samantha Strong | Dec 17, 2019

I have always loved this song, and drums, possibly because my sister and my youngest daughter spent some time as…

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Holiday Decorations

By Samantha Strong | Oct 22, 2019

What sort of Holiday decorator are you? One of my sister-in-laws is a buy new every year kind of gal,…

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