Pugs always want cookies

I have had them around ever since my cousin Mike brought by a stray Siberian Husky when I was 3. There was the Welsh Terrier that was “my” dog, but really only loved my Mom, the yellow Labs, one the smartest dog I have ever known, and the other a handsome, dopey guy. The Basset/Lab mix (a Bassador ), the 2 pugs and a Schipperke. I totally understand why a WeatherTech CEO bought a Super Bowl commercial to thank the UW Madison Vet School that saved his beloved dog.

All my dogs have been second hand dogs, and I’ve loved everyone! My husband did not grow up with dogs, but our 30 years together have been filled with them.

After our Dash passed away, he announced to one and all we would have no more dogs. He said it loud and often. Some people believed him. Guess what he is looking for now? Yup, another four legged friend!