Are you smiling? I think you’re smiling.

Is it my imagination or is there more eye contact going on these days? Not in a weird way, but in an “are you smiling behind your mask” sort of way. It sounds funny but when I notice someone making eye contact with me I try to smile, even when I have my mask on. I have no idea if they can tell but I do it anyway. And just for the heck of it, I go ahead and assume they’re smiling back.

There are so many studies that show the importance of eye contact and smiling. When we smile we feel better, physically and emotionally. When someone smiles at us it breaks down walls. When we make eye contact it shows we care and are interested in the moment, even if it’s just fleeting. Is that enough to be a “silver lining” in this summer of 2020? That would be asking a lot but hey, thanks for the smile, it was just what I needed.

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