Do we need more Nutty Professor?

So I just heard that someone has decided that we need a new Nutty Professor. You know, the movie, or should I say movies?

It all started back in 1963 when Jerry Lewis released the original Nutty Professor. It was pretty funny, I think. It’s been a loooonnnng time since I’ve watched that one. AFI considers it one of the 100 funniest movies of all time. And it was pretty remarkable how Lewis made two such different characters come to life with very little makeup. Annnnd….he directed the movie.

Speaking of makeup, Eddie Murphy was pretty over the top in his 1996 version. And while Jerry played 2 characters, Eddie went all in and played an entire family. Eddie wins that one. And we win, too because we now have The Klumps.

So what can we hope to learn about ourselves or about the times we live in with a new Nutty Professor? Nerds have already become cool so we don’t need any help there. Science is cool, too. All I ask is please, PLEASE make it a little different and even a tiny bit funny would be nice.

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