Stevie Nicks is heading to the big screen!

Missing live music? The next best thing is on the way: Stevie Nicks has a new concert film coming from her 24 Karat Gold Tour, and will be exclusively available at movie theaters. Not only music, but according to the synopsis, we can expect “intimate storytelling and inspirations for some of the most famous and timeless songs and lyrics in music history.”
Will it be coming to La Crosse? We’ll have to check back when tickets go on sale next week, but we’re hopeful! We’re also hoping that after the October theater release it will be available for download, streaming, or rental to enjoy at home. I’m not sure I’m ready to head back to theaters yet, although if I hadn’t told you all about it just now, there would be less people there 😉
The 2 CD set will be released exclusively at Target on 10/30. LP and digital/streaming will also be available, time will tell if that’s just the audio or the film.

Photo by Robb Cohen/Invision/AP

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