Ode to Sesame Street

Today is Sesame Street Day. It marks the date of the 1st episode on PBS in 1969. 51 years, wow. What a great holiday. What a wonderful part of us to celebrate. Something like Sesame Street Day could be the perfect ice breaker to begin a conversation with someone you’ve been closed off from due to all of our adult things. I mean, for real, how could two people not bond over Sesame Street?

For me it was, walk home from Fairview Elementary School on the south side of Milwaukee after my half day of Kindergarten, get my hugs, kisses and tomato soup from mom then sit down to watch Sesame Street. Hugs, kisses, soup and Sesame Street…I never realized that was all it took to be happy.

So celebrate Sesame Street Day, even if you do it tomorrow. Big Bird won’t mind.

ps…The Meh Nah Meh Nah song is the greatest song ever written.

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