Radio Rivets

Listeners often are asking about the biggest influences in our careers. First, the list names air talent (Media Queen Term ) from markets of biggest to tiny. For over 41 years it’s been privileged and honored to be taught, tutored and mentored by: The late WCCO/Twin Cities afternoon legend Steve Cannon. Brown University (no, the radio school/Mpls).

Kinda rare in a very unstable business to have worked for only 3 companies for more than 4 decades. Thanks to these teammates and management (? !) :

KUBC/KKXK / Montrose CO (1st 3 yrs 1979 – 1982)

Midwest Family / La Crosse (1982 – 1988, then a return to a morning show w/ Sam Strong since Feb 1990)

In Between : 1988 – 1990 : KCLD / Twin Cities / St Cloud

Larry King’s overnight Mutual Radio talk show mid ’80’s changed this radio life BIG TIME!

Guests : Scott Shannon (BIG in L.A. and NYC) + The Greaseman (DC101 / The Big Ape

(Greasy’s memorable quote from his Big Ape PD : You CAN’T outrage me.”

Biggest Thanks : To YOU, The Lisenter ! Without you, there’s nuthin‘.

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