I Love to Light It Up!

Long ago and far away(in the 1980’s and Denver), I sold lamps. I could blame my fixation with lighting on that, but it started much earlier.

As a child I had 2 great lamps, one was a nautical light and the other was an elf lamp. I don’t have either now, but I wish I did! When I was 10 or 11 I bought this lamp on one of our thrifting jaunts:

There is something lovely about the warm glow of light, especially in the darker days of winter. Lighting can be many things, soft or bright, or even therapeutic. I have always liked the whimsical lights(I blame the elf lamp). This one is a favorite:

So, of course, I make them, too. After my oldest broke an ankle in 3rd grade I made this one(it was her last cast, only worn 5 days and yes, I tore all the insides out first):

And solar for the garden:

And I keep an eye out for fun lamps like these at the Antique Center of La Crosse:

Here’s hoping you always find light in the darkness!

“There’s always light if we are brave enough to see it. There’s always light if we are brave enough to be it.”– Amanda Gorman