Will You Be Mine?

Now, my husband doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, but the kids and I do. I, like my mother before me, get the kids a treat . Maybe a card or a cool pen, and they bring me marshmallow hearts or we go get coffee. My youngest says she’s glad it is not only for “romantic” love. Me, too. Dan thinks the day is just a way to guilt people into spending on candy, cards, or flowers. When we were first dating almost 30 years ago, he would leave me the best love letters, and that’s he does now for Valentines. Usually it’s on a post-it, or scratch piece of paper, but they carefully saved and precious!

Now this year there are some non-traditional gift to celebrate the day, like from Kraft

Or, from the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative,

And being a Wisconsin girl, I always recommend Cheese!