It’s all In The Small Things

There are 2 schools of thought: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, and It’s All In The Details. Can they both be right? Of course! But I am more of a “small things matter” girl myself.

When trying to make a change for the better, whether it’s with budgeting or health, they always say start small. It can lead to big results! Small changes like drinking more water, or getting a little more sleep really impact your health. More small changes can save energy. Recycling and trying to avoid plastic can help the planet. I can do small.

Since my oldest was a baby they have been fascinated with tiny things. You know the kind not suitable for 3 and under. Even I remember the most fun playing” Barbies” was the tiny accessories, shoes, and utensils. So I got us each these tiny kits to make for Christmas:

We get together via the internet to work on them together, and I really feel more connected to them because if it! Small things indeed.