35 and Counting (That We Get to 36)

Valentine’s Day means another notch in the marriage belt. After telling family and friends we were taking a mid-winter vacation to San Francisco, we actually drove in the bitter cold to Chicago to be joined with good friends Jim and Sharon for a 10-day jaunt to London and Edinburgh, Scotland. The 1977 Scottish Marriage Act makes it easier for even Americans to get hitched than here at home : One notarized piece of paper to say we’re not married to anyone else. There were 5 people in the room, and we were 2 of ’em.

Planes, trains and automobiles (taxis) and dinner at The Savoy/London (one of the best restaurants on earth) all in : $2800.

Telegrams were sent to family and friends at work. More than half thought it was a gag, til mom got The Postcard. And as a form of push back, friend Tom who was watching the apt for us, Saran wrapped the toilets. Thanks, Tommy. !@#^ -hole

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