Just By a Hair / Hare

We’ve had three Chinese Wrinkle Dogs (Chinese Shar-Pei) in our house over the decades. Wonderful critters! They’re easy on the eyes, a quick laugh when you could really use one. But they can be tough on the checkbook : Bad skin, poor eyesight (they need the eyelid wrinkles “tacked” when very young) and lotsa allergies. One of ours died of leukemia (rare!), another had to be put down for ill intent on small children and/or women.

The 3rd one lasted almost 17 years: Greta was nicknamed “beasty girl”, mostly for her “casual moral stance”. Woof, indeed.

With fortune and foresight we’ve always had fidos with horse (short) coats (brush and wolf generally the other two), so no need for barbering.

But check out “Pooch Perfect” Tuesdays 7p ABC.

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