Jimmy Kimmel Sells You a Pillow Guy (sorta)

Comedian James Adomian does impressions, and really good ones: George W. Bush, Bernie Sanders, and Michael Caine to name a few.

Adomian also has a “Minnesota Bag”, where he pits the Minnesota natives My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell vs. former Gopher governor Jesse Ventura.

Adomian : “The trick is to distinguish the two. They both have thick Minnesota accents, but Jesse sounds like a wolverine who has been living outside for a while, low and blown out. Lindell is higher and more pleading.” Kimmel: “Rarely do I have trouble keep a straight face while hosting the show. But James eating packing peanuts and going all out as a maniac pillow salesman makes me laugh hard.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s feud with the “real” pillow guy Mike Lindell is a thing and it looks like he’ll soon be getting a visit!

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