A Pair of Martins

Steve and Mr. Short are back on tour.

Much to our Upper Midwest chagrin, the tour is taking them to both coasts and Great Britain.


In case you missed it or would like a revisit, they made a wonderful appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO’s “Real Time”.

Good friend at school Jim Palm and I noticed in the early – mid 70’s Steve Martin appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Arrow through the head, banjo playing (one of the world’s best), jokes (?) about his mom. As a high school graduation gift Mom and Dad forked over the $40 to take friend Bobbie Rhone to the Hippodrome (almost rhymes ?) west Minneapolis to see him make us laugh really hard. Wish she hadn’t smoked.

It smelled in her car she named “Dammit !”.

It ended up killing her.

God loves you, Rhone. Still does your high school friend.

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