Ever Been in a City

of about 105K + people…

with a high level college football game going on in the middle of it ?

Welcome to “The Big House” : Michigan Stadium / Ann Arbor.

Freshman year was lucky enough to snag a job working for Bo Schembechler’s Maize and Blue as a student athletic trainer (part of a pre-med program). Oddly, we were tied at home TWICE the fall of ’75. Baylor and Stanford. The Stanford “loss” stung, cuz a high school classmate was a Cardinal (then), and still haven’t heard the end of it 46 years later.

Much can be learned from overhearing the locker room/training room chatter while rolling up Ace bandages.

Back to The Stadium : It had only one level of entrances and exits, but because of their width the place emptied in less than 15 minutes.

One of the players was talking about “the job” he was given: Being a security guard.

Security guard ? While you’re supposed to be on the field ?

“Yeah. The challenge was to make sure ‘nobody stole the stadium'”. Apparently he was good at it, cuz it’s still there.

Rutgers comes to The Big House Saturday. Should be an easy “W”.