Animals ! What’s

in a name ?

What you decide to call your pet(s) probably says a lot about you and your family.

In our household the past 40 years we’ve had mostly rescues, so they’ve already been named.

No matter.

Just like with your kids, they’re usually not been called by their “legal” names, or their breed, especially when we’re miffed.

The current critter here came to us out of Arkansas. “Our Lady of BARKansas”, but her reputation for woofing is on the wane.

It’s not been decided whether that’s good or bad. Still poopin’ in volume, however. She’ll keep getting fed, though.

Her name : Boston, a mini German Shepard/Corgi (?) mix.

Yes. HER name is Boston.

Those hospital overnighter stays made the house feel empty.

She had a couple of heart worm challenges a few years back. But acts like she’s in good shape.

We’re grateful to have her.

Here’s hoping she feels the same.

Judging from the Macaw, they got the first down.

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