Quadraphonics + Doobie Brothers = Off the Hook!

Like everything in 2020, The Doobie Brothers had to reschedule their 50th Anniversary Tour to 2021. November’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be a special program instead of the usual ceremony, which is another bummer, but there’s good news: A chance to dust off your quad speaker set again! (Or you can use your surround sound, but that’s not as cool)

Rhino Records says they will release a “new boxed set that highlights some of the music that helped make the Doobie Brothers one of the most popular bands of its generation. THE DOOBIE BROTHERS: QUADIO will feature quadraphonic mixes of Toulouse StreetThe Captain & MeWhat Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, and Stampede. The four Blu-ray audio discs come in replicas of the original vinyl record sleeves and are all packaged together in a clamshell box.” For this collection, all four albums have been mastered using the original four-track Quad mixes. The set includes both the quadraphonic and high-resolution stereo (19224 DTS-HD Master Audio) mixes for each album. To enjoy the Quadraphonic mix as intended, the Blu-ray audio discs should be played using Surround Sound.
The set will be available for pre-order now for a September release. You can grab it HERE.

Feature image Photo by Al Wagner/Invision/AP

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