Who is your inner Golden Girl?

September 14, 1985, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia, The Golden Girls were born…as senior citizens. And they became rock stars…as senior citizens.

The show debuted on this date in ‘85 and ran for 7 seasons. There was lots of critical acclaim, great ratings and a burst of spicy attitude that was much needed and always appreciated.

I admit, Dorothy sort of scared me…a bit. But I think she was supposed to, wasn’t she? Jeez, I hope so. I actually remembered Bea Arthur from the show Maude and MUCH preferred this role. I was too young to “get” Maude. I have a feeling Dorothy would have been the one to stand up in history class and tell me to stop asking stupid questions.

Of course Rose was just plain adorable. But so is Betty White so that wasn’t hard for her to play. But to play someone slightly naïve and somewhat oblivious and have her not be annoying had to be very difficult. Rose and I would have been friends in school. Talking on the bus and having each other’s back.

Blanche, oh man. Blanche would have intimidated the hell out of me in school. I’m making that assumption because she did when I watched the show. Yes, I thought about dating Blanche and even in my fantasies I couldn’t keep up with her.

Sophia was just a pistol and a hurricane of fresh air. She is the Senior citizen I want to be. When I become one. A long time from now.

I love that the show has stayed in our memories and I love seeing all the young people wearing Golden Girls t shirts. But beware young person, if you’re going to wear the shirt, be ready for a quiz on the Girls’ dating lives and you better have some answers.

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