Down a musical rabbit hole

Boy it felt good today to take about 10 minutes and just let myself wander down, through and around the Google rabbit hole. It started when this video popped up somewhere in my social media…..

Wow, this performance gives me chills every time I watch it. After a long, stressful week those chills felt good. Of course lined up on the right side of my Youtube screen was a link to a live performance of the song by Led Zeppelin….I had to watch, right? Not to compare just to enjoy…..

Ahhhh….it’s almost starting to feel like it’s been a good week. And because I’m a trivia nerd….

Very, very cool guy. And I’m feeling like I can breathe again. The internet knows I like jazz so it sent me here……..

Damn, I am feelin’ GOOOOD. Stress level is measurably reduced and I’m ready for the weekend. Some people get a massage, some have a glass of wine, some go on a hike (actually I love to do all of those) but this time I went to my favorite musical spa, down the rabbit hole. Oh, and doing the math on these videos it may have been slightly more than a 10 minute trip. Oh well, I deserve it, right?

Where did you end up the last time you went down the musical rabbit hole?

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