I’m Learning How to be an Empty Nester!

I still have alot to learn about empty-nesting! I wasn’t sure 2020 would be the year our youngest would be off to school. For a few weeks she went to college virtually from her room. Now she is living the dorm life, and I try not to worry too much!

‘We really like this demographic,” is what housing developers about us empty nesters. There are whole neighborhoods being designed across the country just for us. Sometimes it’s town homes, sometimes the homes are one level “transitional ranch” type homes. Personally I am just trying to clean out the closets and cupboards of stuff I don’t need and the kids don’t want!

One trend I found interesting: Empty-nester/ Millennial housemate matching services. This works well for students looking for affordable housing. The National Shared Housing Resource Center lists more than three dozen cross-generational homeshare organizations in the U.S., most of which are operated by nonprofits or government agencies. And there are others!

I am lucky, because I still like my husband! And we have good friends who emptied their nests before we did. But it’s still strange, I admit. I have goals of finishing up some projects, getting rid of “stuff”, and maybe actually downsizing to a smaller place. Of course I would want to be out in the country a bit, and take my neighbors!

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