HBO Grabs Our Attention (Again)

“Allen v Farrow” is the graphic, grisly 4-part HBO docu-series recounting their very complicated lives together, and apart. The iconic filmmaker averaged a movie a year for over 4 decades, and despite having seen every one at least once, several revelations for this movie buff.

Their first date was lunch. Woody and Mia were never married, and lived on opposite sides of NYC’s Central Park, signalling their love for each other by blinking the lights. Farrow had 7 children (mostly adopted) when she met Allen. He didn’t like kids at first. They had one baby together, Allen desperately wanting a girl, but they had a boy instead. Therapists said he “smothered” daughter Dylan as a result.

The Scorn and Scandal : Farrow blames herself for the scandal. A lot to absorb after only the first episode. The next three air on HBO 8pm Sundays (CT).

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