Not Exactly Nurse Ratchet

You probably recall the head (no pun) psychiatric nurse in multi-Oscar winner mid 70’s movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. This is Nurse’s Day, and a chance to thank those in those medical services. Mother Lucy for a longish stretch was an essential cog in the management machinery that ran Anoka State Hospital’s ward just northwest of Minneapolis. She’s been followed by many family tree members (both sides) into the mental health profession (Reminder: May is Mental Health Awareness Month).

Vivid childhood memory (aren’t they all ?) of this this starched-out, almost cardboard thing nurses back in those days had to wear on their heads. They’d be drying upside down (the cardboard things, not the nurses) on towels throughout the house. Still have no idea what that was supposed to accomplish, since they had to be chucked for a surgical mask, anyway.

Thank you, for what Mom says nursing “Is doing the REAL work.”

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