Tommy Chong Says Money Spent on CBD is “Wasted” (Even If You’re NOT)


He claims 99% of CBD products are bad. They don’t contain the right active ingredients at the correct dosages. Tommy is passionate about cannabis and CBD, claiming it saved his life when diagnosed with rectal cancer several years ago.

Personal notes: Smoked pot only once (actually it was hash) about 45 years ago. Didn’t seem worth it to keep spending dough on something that basically just puts you to sleep.

Mr. Chong may be right about the flooded market’s CBD purity. How many places in the La Crosse area are selling product ? But using CBD creme for these aging and aching joints and muscle groups is working, and the prices are going down, especially online. Tommy just turned 80 but looks and acts no more than 50, wouldn’t you say ?

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