Not a Beauty Contest, Doggone It

And you think you’ve got a homely hounder ?

Grandma used to say “There’s no such thing as an ugly dog.” Hmmm. What’s that “eye of the beholder” thing again ?

Our first truly family pet was a Pug mix. Certainly no looker, he had an inclination to throw up a lot. Another “rescue” was so nervous she kept running THROUGH the screen door, so she was given back. Next one was a beagle named Bandit, so named because he looked like he was wearing a mask. His deal was to not just chew up things, but essentially destroy them. Everything from ping pong paddles to pillows.

Molly, a poodle mix, was inherited from a family friend who was moving to Arizona. She hated everyone, except our mom Lucy. A snake on four legs.

Cosmic interference or just fateful coincidence, any animal we gave to somebody ended up getting hit by a car.

Wednesdays have a tendency to have an “Animal Day” theme on Your Classic Morning Show with Keith and Sam.

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