Sam and Keith agree! If you are looking for a pet, Adopt!

I wanted to be a Fireman when I was a kid because they were (in all the stories) rescuing kittens all the time. Apparently they still do. Over the years I have been privileged to share our home with second hand pets.

The smartest dog I ever had was a (mostly?) yellow lab from the Beloit pound. She was awesome! My first dog here was a Coulee Region Humane Society find. A lab basset mix we called a Bassador. All black with golden eyes. Lombardi was a lover and a sneak thief. We found him a stray best friend. A pug named Huffman with a too long tongue. More recently we had a Schipperke named Dash

Never could get a good picture of Dash

and a CRS society pug named Smidgeon. She really was the kids dog and helped them through a lot!

They were with us for 15 years. And I still miss them. We do have another rescue. My husband said it was time for a dog he got to pick. So we found Reily.

Reily the Ridiculous!

They will make you laugh and sometimes swear. But they are actually good for your health.

If you are considering a pet check out adopting. This is Remy. He was featured this morning from the CRHS.