If You’re Even Just Pondering Adopting Your Next Pet…

Our house has had many “rescues”, most living with us for many years. One stint was a female Chinese Shar-Pei (Wrinkle Dog), formally named Greta, although she was rarely called that. That one was 16 years.

There’s so much wonderful work being done at La Crosse-Caledonia area shelters by terrific folks, most of them volunteers.

Let them find you a good fit for your family.

Your Classic Morning Show with Keith and Sam are so pleased and honored to feature an animal (sometimes they come in pairs) Wednesdays about 730am waiting to meet you at the Coulee Region Humane Society/Onalaska. We get Heather outa bed and on the phone to help out a deserving critter. Or, are they helping US ?

Folks in our house have the quick answer to that.

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