One of the Biggest Radio Influences

When Pirate Radio hit the scene…ur, The Sea… It was a HUGE deal to those of us fledgling behind the mic in the late 70s and into the 80s -90s…and SINCE.


While the film “Pirate Radio”, starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, wasn’t a great telling of how commercial (or, no, NON-commercial) radio actually works, it’s still a great story.

Pirate Radio is essentially a large ass radio signal beaming from a ship anchored just enough off the coasts of Europe in the North Sea to not be under any country’s jurisdictions and guidelines. Jocks and tech staff (at least at one time) did one month ON, one month OFF The Boat. Like working an oil rig.

(They’re lookin’ for clean-up crews hires BTW.)

It’s worked for many years.

Wonderful to hear their work on our several trips to that part of the world.

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