This Is

For the birds.

Personally never have gotten into bird watching to a great degree.

But we have bird feeders on the decks. A steady supply of itty bitty finches, and cardinals. The males are the delightful bright red with that yellow beak that can be seen from many feet away.

Once in a while a blue jay shows up to pester the others. Man, can they be nasty.

(Kind of a sports scoreboard all of a sudden.)

Got a fondness for penguins. The REAL ones, NOT the cartoon versions.

Woodpeckers are a pain in the buttski. They tend to think our wood siding is one big tree.

Retired DNR guy and neighbor Larry once said at our mailboxes, “If you think somebody’s shooting at your house, it’s just me. I usually don’t miss.” And he has the pistol championship trophies to prove it. So far after more than 20 years there’s been no incident.

Yet. Maybe today.

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