It’s Scary

to think almost poopin’ yer pants from the frights can be a good thing.

Whether it’s walking down a dark alley (or, in our radio building, a dark hallway – beware of sales people) or walking down the aisle, it can actually put you “back on bubble”.


You gotta favorite scary movie ?

Here, it’s (bite the “neck and neck”) between The Exorcist and The Omen.

Went to see the former with a classmate who yelled, “MOMMMMMY !” at the climax of Linda Blair barfing green stuff on the priests (supposedly green pea soup).

Jon got lotsa tension-releasing laughs on that one. (Also the valedictorion Blake ’75)

Then ran into another classmate in the bathroom at the Skyway Theater on Hennepin Avenue downtown Minneapolis after the screening of The Omen.

Not long after the first pee-your-pants moment.

“I’m sleeping with the lights ON tonight and clutching a Bible.”

If memory is even close to accurate, Dusty was/is NOT a religious man.

It’s been said the most common human fears are a sudden loud noise, and falling.

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