The Past Year Hard on Baseball Hall of Famers

Now that we’re a mere 5 weeks away from the start of spring training in Florida and Arizona, a tribute to these baseball greats who’ve died the last 13 months or so.

Bob Gibson (1968: 1.12 ERA is why they lowered the mound)

Whitey Ford (curveball broke about a foot and a half. Try hitting THAT)

Joe Morgan (center piece 2nd baseman for Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine 70’s)

Dick (Richie) Allen (power hitter with HOF batting average)

Phil Niekro (famous knuckleballer)

Don Larsen (Yankee with only World Series perfect game)

Al Kaline (like the battery: Detroit Tiger nameplate)

Bob Watson (quarter century on Astros field, then was great front office guy for Houston)

Tom Seaver (Mets AmazinTom Terrific before NFL’s Brady)

Lou Brock (Cardinal was awesome with the mitt and maybe best base runner ever)

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