Know Your Cat’s Vital Signs ?

No, seriously.

Just as their humans have a need to know things: body temperature, pulse and breathing among them, you wanna know your critter’s counts.

Normal temperature is 100-102.5. Old school glass thermometer or new fandled digital that beeps at you when it’s job is done will do.

Brings us to heart rate/pulse : Put your hand just behind its front left leg. Have handy a watch of some sort with a second hand, count the beats for 15 seconds, then that is multiplied by 4. Normalcy is 140-220. Faster, slower or irregular are good reasons to get a hold the animal’s vet.

Respiratory /breathing : This time use the second hand to count the breaths for a full 60 seconds while your pet is relaxed and standing. 20-30 is the range you want.

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