Emerald Isle Memories

A few recollections of visiting Ireland on this Special Day: Some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, for sure. It’s only about half the size of the state of Wisconsin, normally between 45-75 degrees, although on one trip it got up to 85 and the locals didn’t know what to do (there’s no need for air conditioning). A nice Irishman (you can walk up to anybody) who said, “So you think that’s a small palm tree ? That’s cuz it is” (gulf stream keeps it mild enuf).

Ireland might have the biggest cows on the planet, which explains the excellent cuisine, although steer clear of the blood sausage for breakfast. Had a nice tour of radio stations, and curious still about why their morning shows start and end when they feel like it.

Making the trip abroad these days requires 10 day quarantines when you first get there and when you get back. So for now the quick jaunts to either Irish Hill east of La Crosse or St. Pat’s Onalaska will have to do.

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