Tribute to Teachers : Should be EVERY Day, No ?

It’s National Teachers Day, a special chance to thank and honor the people with enormous influence and impact on our lives and therefore, our families.

Personal note: Of the hundreds of teachers at all levels in this life, one stands tallest: Prep school Blake in Minneapolis has Rod Anderson teaching English, Political Science (he was brother to early 70’s Minnesota governor Wendell) , an outstanding hockey coach and pretty strong coaching at 3rd base for a pretty good baseball ’75 squad (shouldn’t have gone on that tag from 3rd vs Breck…sorry). Part of his amazing skill set is looking straight at you while calling on someone on the other side of the classroom.

Thank you, sir.

One of the most underrated flicks in history is “The Paper Chase”. Starring Timothy Bottoms, the legendary John Houseman, and just starting actress Lindsay Wagner, we get taught a lot.

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