Depressed ? Does It Look Like It ?

Older than any of us is the expression “Looks can be deceiving” , and it may be acting as a shroud for something far more profound.

Supposedly most of us have gone through at least a stage or two of depression.

Mental health professionals often mention it can be a chemical imbalance.

Other known “triggers” :

Physical pain/injury

Stressful relationships

Deaths of family, friends

Job pressures

Anger management

The experiences here were mostly as a young boy. Low self-esteem, feeling under appreciated and neglected. Crying jags, long periods of sleep, insecurity, sense of worthlessness, like that.

But it wasn’t ever diagnosed, so no medications were involved.

Doug’s a good friend who was misdiagnosed. He was hospitalized for depression, but it turned out to be anxiety. Almost killed him. Love ya, brother.

A family tree history of alcoholism and drug abuse still serve as a daily, if not hourly reminder.

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